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Becoming an Approved Driving Instructor

Thinking about becoming an instructor? Watch this video to find out more.

Check if you can become an instructor

When deciding to train to become an ADI you must first check you meet the requirements. These can be found here:

Apply to join the driving instructors register

To make an application to join the register, you must first complete a DBS check. Details on this can be found here.

Take the ADI part 1 test

Once you have received confirmation you have been entered into the ADI register, you can book your ADI part 1 test. Once you pass the ADI part 1 test, you must pass the other parts of the test within 2 years or you’ll have to start the whole process again. The ADI part 1 test is a theory test. It is very similar to the theory test learners have to take to learn to drive. More details can be found here.

Take the ADI part 2 test

Once you have passed the ADI part 1, you can move onto the ADI part 2. The ADI part 2 test is similar to the practical driving test learners need to pass. More information can be found here.

Trainee license

To sucsesfully pass the ADI part 3, it is essential you get some experience teaching real learners. To do this you can apply to the DVSA for a “pink” trainee licence. (PDI)

Take the ADI part 3 test

The ADI part 3 test is the most challenging part of the qualification. You are required to deliver a client centered driving lesson which meets the pupils goals and needs; whilst an examiner assesses your ability to teach.